Beaches near Puerto Viejo

Beginning with the beautiful Playa Negra, which is one of the beaches located in the center of Puerto Viejo, it is worth noting its particular subtlety, its fine black sand, this beach stands out for maintaining a mysticism and nostalgia of what the waves and the smell of the sea tell, is a quiet beach where the sun embraces with some magic the skin of those who are fascinated by its energy.


But if what you want is to experience the best waves to surf in some of the beaches near Puerto Viejo, with the most pleasant waters you can not miss visiting Cocles beach, located a few minutes from downtown Puerto Viejo, this site has gastronomic areas, with a variety of supermarkets and a wide range of tour options, so if you want to snorkel or observe the flora and fauna you can not miss the opportunity to visit this beach known for its surf lessons and for the hospitality and kindness of the locals who will welcome you with the best disposition.


We continue on the coast, a few kilometers from Cocles beach we find Playa Chiquita, a beach with natural spots where nature responds to your instincts, where the sea turns blue and green colors , in this spectacular site depends on the season of the year you can see fireflies bio-luminescence and shooting stars that inspire to always start again and shine to illuminate the roads, Playa Chiquita is not small, it is immense and is a place where all those who carry noble intentions fit and find light and guidance to move forward.


Punta Uva stands out for having one of the most powerful viewpoints in the area, just 700 meters from the main street we can locate this spectacular site where the sea tirelessly hits a giant rock subject to its land, in this site you will manage to discover and recognize the strength of the sea and the subtle escape of its waters by small caverns that allow understanding the force of the simple and the constancy.


Playa Arrecife, if you are ready to open your eyes and let the color of the sea impress you, this is just the place to visit, on the shore of this beach you can find restaurants with delicious dishes and wonderful attention, you can walk to the shore enjoying one of the best landscapes of the whole area of Puerto Viejo and with the best options to lay a blanket, hang your hammock and dedicate yourself exclusively to enjoy a place full of freedom.


Playa grande, since the beginning of the 200-meter trail to reach the main point of this beautiful beach everything is an experience, to the right and left of this small trail you can see a variety of trees with giant roots and very high cups that provide shade to everything good, this beach is characterized by its strong and rough waters where surfers demonstrate their skills to dance on a wave, if your thing is the water you should only dive and enjoy.

Manzanillo, on this beach you can find one of the jewels of the area and of all the magical Costa Rica and we refer to the natural wildlife refuge Gandoca manzanillo, here for a voluntary contribution you can discover lots of things because our beautiful country stands out for its abundance of flora and fauna, from the seashore, there is a path that will take you to the most crystalline and perfect beaches of the place, it has ancient monuments with one of the most emblematic viewpoints of the Caribbean and with caves that will leave you surprised, Manzanillo is a place for everyone since the variety of its waters is a paradise for family enjoyment.