Puerto Viejo

Located in the Caribbean zone of Costa Rica, with an amazing climate due to its geographical position, Puerto Viejo in the province of Limon is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country because of its abundant cultural diversity and the fact that it houses the largest forest areas of the country, its beauty is due to the wide coastal area and the diversity of its beaches and its waters, in this paradisiacal place, you can find some of the best beaches to surf and perform water sports and the counterpart are beaches with crystal clear temperate waters and calm currents that allow total tranquility to relax if you visit with children or if you are traveling alone.

It’s no coincidence to stumble upon sloths, snakes, squirrels, iguanas, frogs of many colors or to be surprised by a herd of howler monkeys on the roadside or right on the beach; in this place you breathe pure clean air while everything grows abundantly.
Puerto Viejo is not only a place where nature is abundant with many shades of green, it is also a place where all skin colors, languages and cultures are admired and received with respect by locals. In Costa Rica there is real equality and acceptance for all people from anywhere in the world.
What are you waiting for?

Here in this beautiful place the gastronomy, the day and night activities are an opportunity to be thankful for traveling, for knowing new places and an opportunity to live a slow paced life, allow yourself to enjoy the most delicious Caribbean food with the best products from the sea, delight yourself with an impressive variety of fruit that nourishes the body and soul, here you can visit sanctuaries of wildlife in which volunteers from all over the world and locals join their efforts to protect the animals that suffer accidents or that require help.

Puerto Viejo is one of the most recommended places to travel alone or with the company of a loved one; if you travel alone you will have the experience of knowing other cultures and understand why so many people from all over the world come to this place and stay for good and fully understand the term “pura vida”, here everything is about living the beautiful life, about seeking the safety of those who visit us and make sure that their experience is unparalleled, on the other hand if you’re not traveling alone or with pets in Puerto Viejo there are places where everyone is welcome and at all hours, it is not strange to see complete families with young children late at night because the place is safe at all hours, so wait no more and come visit us soon!